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Dudley Centre - West Mids
Intro Skills - Level 2
Counselling skills - Level 2
USM - Level 2
Counselling Studies - Level 3
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Diploma - Level 4


Next Course planned for September 2018
Start date TBA

Day/Evening Course - Monday 3.00 PM to 9.30 PM
(1/2 Hour break at 6.00 PM)

Only 3 places left (18/7/18)

To find out more information or to enrol simply call our training centre on 01895 254660 and one of our staff will guide you through the process.

CPCAB Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

£2,695.00 per year for Year 1 & Year 2
Payment Plan Available
(Deposit £500.00 with payments of £215.00 per month for 10 months October to July.)

Cost reduced to £2,400.00 if paid in full at the outset of the course.


Course Code TC-L4

QCF Qualification No 500/8088/X

 Credit Value 120 

Candidate Course Guide 


Tutors: Rene Bates - Janet Morgan - Monica Wright - Maggie Curran


Term Dates: To be advised. 



Target candidates: Individuals who wish to: -




Complete their training to enable them to work with clients in an agency setting.  


Internal moderation and verification will follow the CPCAB Guidelines. A copy is available on request.  


Course Objective: This qualification is intended for candidates who want to train to become a counsellor working in a counselling service agency. Successful completion of this course means that the trainees will be able to provide a therapeutic counselling service within the context of an agency's service framework.


Theoretical Model:  This is an Integrative Course and as such will look at a number of Theoretical Models.  Students will be encouraged to select those models that they would like to integrate into there own Integrative Model. 


Course Times: Thursday evenings (to be confirmed - to be 6.30pm to 9.30 pm. & Saturday mornings 9.00 to 12.00 noon.  Some Saturday afternoon workshops, approx one per month, will be required.  


A two year Diploma  - Guided Learning Hours: 30 weeks at 6 Hrs per week plus 10 workshops at
3 hrs = 210 GLH. Per Year.  Total Diploma GLH 420.


Entry Requirements: Must have completed Level 2 counselling skills & level 3 counselling studies or equivalent qualifications (RPL). Min age 19. 


Assessment Information: Internally assessed portfolio – Students will be expected to produce a portfolio of work evidencing their learning. This will include the following: -


1.      Documents – A weekly journal of approx 500 to 700 words.  Students must also include a learning review, two self-reviews, two case studies with real clients and two case presentations, two assignments (e.g. an essay), a client record (100+ hrs one-to-one with a minimum of five different clients), a clinical supervision record and a personal counselling record (20 hours minimum by the end of the course). Students might also include, for example, self-review of audio/video recordings (including verbatim transcripts) and notes on their personal development.

2.      Tutor observation – Students must include records of tutor feedback on their counselling practice sessions – they must refer to at least four examples of being observed by their tutor and two of these must be via audio or video recording. Students might also include tutor feedback on case presentations and group discussions (including contributions to seminars, group-work and training group supervision).

3.      Testimony – Students must include records of peer feedback on their counselling practice sessions, one supervisor report and one agency report. They might also include, for example, peer feedback on case presentations and group discussions (including contributions to seminars, group-work and training group supervision), feedback from agency team members, tutorial records and client evaluation/feedback. 


The Portfolio will need to evidence the students learning by cross referencing to the criteria requirements of the course as detailed in the Candidate Learning Record (CLR).  In addition to the weekly journals, students can also use Peer and Tutor feedback sheets, presentation feedback, and any assignments set during the course. 


External Assessment – Students will be expected to produce a Tape of their practice which will be externally verified by CPCAB towards the end of year 2. Guidance will be given by tutors on this aspect nearer the time. Also reports from personal therapy and Supervision & Placements will be required. 


PLEASE NOTE: Candidates must be Proficient in both internal and external assessment to achieve the qualification.

Placements:   There is a minimum requirement of 100 hours formally-contracted counselling (one-to-one) with at least 5 different clients in an agency setting.



Cancellations and non-attends do not count towards this total.  Students will be expected to research and arrange their own placements.  The centre will give guidance on what constitutes an acceptable placement (see also CPCAB guide on Guide to Workplace Experience in appendix 4). In addition to the guidance given by the Centre and CPCAB, students might find the internet a good source of information on finding placements, there are resources at the centre available for this purpose.


NOTE: Students will have up to one year after the end of the course to complete their placement hours. 


Supervision:  Students are required to have clinical supervision for their agency client work.  CPCAB recommends that the candidate’s agency provides appropriate clinical supervision to meet BACP supervision guidelines for trainees – currently a minimum of 1½ hours individual supervision per month (or the equivalent if in group supervision) or 1 hour of supervision for every 8 hours of client work. In addition, candidates will have 30-50 hours group training supervision as part of the course. 


Personal Therapy: There is a minimum of 20 hours personal therapy during the life of the course, in certain circumstances it might be advisable for this to be extended further depending on the individual circumstances of the student.  This aspect will be fully discussed with students during one to one meetings (See below) with tutors as the course progresses. 


One to one Tutorials:  There will be two one to one tutorials arranged with each student per year.  If in the event the Tutor or the student wishes to arrange an additional tutorial during the course, this can be arranged. 


Reading List – To be advised IDC.              


Successful candidates may progress onto CPCAB’s:


Ø      Level 5 Diploma in PsychotherapeuticCounselling (PC‑L5)


Ø      Level 5 Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic Skills & Theory (CBT‑L5)


Ø      Level 6  Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling Supervision (TCSU‑L6)


Ø      Open University Foundation Degree in Counselling




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